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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept financial aid?

MCCNC offers financial aid for the Medical Assisting with Limited Permit X-ray Technician, Limited Permit X-ray Technician, and Medical Assistant programs. The Phlebotomy program is considered a short-term program, so it does not qualify for financial aid. MCCNC has agreements with the Veteran’s Administration, the Employment Development Department, and the Department of Rehabilitation. MCCNC offers a generous payment plan option for private pay students.

Can I transfer old credits from my previous studies?
The school has a policy that will consider other credits earned at other institutions as well as experential training.
Can I transfer my credits to other schools?
Medical Career College of Northern California does not guarantee the transfer of credits earned at the school. It is always up to the receiving institution whether or not credits will be accepted.
Can I work in a hospital?

MA/LPXT’s as well as LPXT’s are unable to train in hospitals, but they can work in a hospital once they are licensed, but for the most part, they work in an outpatient setting.


Phlebotomy Technicians work in all aspects of healthcare, such as clinics, hospitals, and laboratory settings.

What does it take to become a fully licensed X-ray Technologist?

Graduates from the LPXT portion of the program are eligible to enroll in a bridge program, which considers the time that you spend at MCCNC as the first year of a two-year program.


Phlebotomy Technicians work in all aspects of healthcare, such as clinics, hospitals, and laboratory settings.

Where else can the education that I receive at MCCNC take me?

Once you graduate as an MA/LPXT or an LPXT, you now have a great base to further your career. Imaging careers such as MRI, DEXA, and Ultrasound are good places to land as you spring forward with your career. If you decide to move forward and become a fully licensed X-ray Technologist, careers in CT and Interventional Radiography can open up for you.

Careers in Phlebotomy can lead to a career as a Medical Laboratory Technician.



Does my license and certifications work in other states?

In the United States, all states have their own rules regarding the hiring of Limited X-ray Technicians. It is important to check with the state that you wish to relocate to to find out the requirements needed to work in that state.


The Medical Assisting and Phlebotomy certification are nationwide, so they do transfer across state lines.




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