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 Limited X-ray Technician Program


Hours of Instruction provided: 600
Outside Preparation Hours: 135
Weeks of Instruction: 78
Semester Credits: 24.5

Didactic classes are offered in residence with a hybrid option. Students are required to complete numerous online quizzes, laboratory procedures, hands-on radiographic positioning procedures, and homework assignments. In addition, students will be required to take and pass mid-terms and/or final exams within each of the module.


The x-ray externship will begin when the student demonstrates the basic knowledge and skills necessary to begin taking radiographic images. The externship rotation consists of documented proof of performing 50 Chest x-ray exams, 50 Upper Extremity exams, 50 Lower Extremity exams, 200 Torso-skeletal exams and an additional 50 Exams in any of the above categories. At the end of the externship, all students must exhibit competency in the clinical experience.


Library services, tutoring and job placement assistance are available for all students.


Financial Aid is available for students who qualify.

Program Opportunities

The LPXT program provides training that will enable the graduate to assume an entry level position as a Limited Permit X-ray Technician in the scope of Torso-skeletal, Extremities and Chest. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be eligible to sit for the State of California’s Limited Permit X-ray Technician License. The licensed graduate may then become a responsible member of the medical community where they are able to utilize their radiology skills in an outpatient setting.

Admission Requirements

Those applying for the LPXT program must possess a Medical Assisting certificate or have 2-years’ experience in a medical career that is related to radiology. In addition, they must possess a High School Diploma, High School Equivalency, or GED to be considered eligible for admission to the programs offered by the Medical Career College of Northern California. All applicants are required to take and pass the school’s entrance exam, the Wonderlic, with a minimum score of 20 and the Spatial Accuity Test with a minimum score of 6. Those interested in enrolling in the hybrid program must score a minimum of 23 on the Wonderlic.

Graduation Requirements

Students must pass all subjects within the course, to include the mid-term and final, with a minimum grade of 75%. Students must complete all clinical extern requirements, with proof of competency. In addition, students must meet all financial obligations prior to receiving their certificate of completion.

How To Enroll

Prospective students can contact the Medical Career College by phone, email, or in person, if they would like to inquire about enrollment. Students are encouraged to make an appointment to come in to interview with the School’s Admissions Director and tour the school. Once a decision has been made, the prospective student is given the school’s entrance exams. Upon passing the exams, students are required to fill out the enrollment packet and pay the registration fee of $225.00.


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