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Hours of Instruction provided: 88
Outside Preparation Hours: 20
Weeks of Instruction: 8
Semester Credits: 3

The phlebotomy didactic and laboratory classes are taught in residence. Students are required to complete online quizzes, homework assignments, and numerous blood draws under a supervised laboratory instructor. Student will also be introduced to pre-analytical variables that affect laboratory specimens. In addition, students will be required to take and pass mid-terms and/or final exams within each of the module with a grade of 75% or better.


Students will be required to successfully perform numerous blood draws demonstrating competency at one point, under supervised phlebotomy professionals in a clinical environment during their 80-hour externship.


Library services, tutoring and job placement assistance are available for all students.

Program Opportunities

The goal of the phlebotomy program is to prepare students to work as an entry level phlebotomy technician in a variety of medical settings. The graduate will apply didactic and clinical knowledge of the health care system in a culturally diverse society, both in the inpatient and ambulatory care settings; and apply the phlebotomist’s role as a member of the health care team. Upon successful completion, graduates of the phlebotomy program will be eligible to sit for one of the national Phlebotomy Technician certifications.

Admission Requirements

Those applying for the Phlebotomy program must possess a High School Diploma, High School Equivalency, or GED to be considered eligible for admission to the programs offered by the Medical Career College of Northern California. All applicants are required to take and pass the school’s entrance exam, the Wonderlic, with a minimum score of 20 and the Spatial Acuity Test with a minimum score of 6.

Graduation Requirements

Students must pass all subjects within the course, to include the mid-term and final, with a minimum grade of 75%. Students must complete all clinical extern requirements, with proof of competency. In addition, students must meet all financial obligations prior to receiving their certificate of completion.

How To Enroll

Prospective students can contact the Medical Career College by phone, email, or in person, if they would like to inquire about enrollment. Students are encouraged to make an appointment to come in to interview with the School’s Admissions Director and tour the school. Once a decision has been made, the prospective student is given the school’s entrance exams. Upon passing the exams, students are required to fill out the enrollment packet and pay the registration fee of $100.00.


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